What We Do

We work with artists we love, and believe in. We aim to make others feel the same way.

Who We Are

Two & Ten is a management company founded by Iain Baker. After heading up the mail order department for Rough Trade shops, in the late 80’s, he joined Jesus Jones, playing samples and keyboards. The band achieved huge worldwide success, and still perform and record to this day.

Iain also played with the Utah Saints, and has appeared as a guest musician for acts such as A, and Soda Stereo.  The late 90’s saw him move into broadcasting, with a long and productive career
as a radio DJ and voiceover artist. He worked at XFM, and was headhunted to be a launch DJ for NME Radio. He was instrumental in the launch of a pioneering Internet radio station/social networking site (Shadowglobe) and has been a club DJ for over 30 years.

Who We Represent

Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones have enjoyed a long, and hugely successful career. They’ve sold more than two million albums, had a number one single in the US (“Right Here, Right Now”), performed at Wembley Stadium, and toured the world. After fifteen years, they’re now gearing up to release their first album of new material in over 15 years. “Passages” will be released in October 2017. Two & Ten have co-ordinated the entire project, working with Pledge music, and others, to release the album, as well as providing logistical support for touring and social media.

Ellis Hudson

Ellis started his musical journey in 2006 after joining local Portsmouth band, The Rivers Of Sound. Just 18 at the time, he quickly grew as a singer, writer and performer. Looking to challenge himself as a vocalist and as a player, he decided to go solo. With a startlingly raw and unfiltered style, Ellis explores his own take on the role of an acoustic artist – finding new ways to tell his own story.

The Fashion Focus

The Fashion Focus is the alias for genre bending, multi-instrumentalist Brian Young. The project first began back in 2012, when Young self-released the album ‘The World Outside’. Taking its influences and inspiration from a dizzying range of bands, the album was recorded over a four month period in 2011, at The Dream Academy Sound in LA’s San Gabriel Valley. What started out as a one man studio project, gradually blossomed as The Fashion Focus began performing tracks from “The World Outside”, live. The original duo of Brian Young (guitars/synths), and Rocky Durand (bass/synths) initially utilised a drum machine, but as the band’s sound, and ambition grew, it became apparent that the band had to grow with it. So, in 2014, drummer Lance Beckford was enlisted, completing the band’s lineup.

In the summer of 2015, Young partnered with The Manimal Label Group (Bat for Lashes, Warpaint), finally enabling “The World Outside” to gain a proper release. The album’s singles represent Brian’s ability to blend a wide range of influences with a cohesive, surging, pop sensibility. From the laid back and atmospheric ‘February’, to the feedback induced, electro-gaze push of ‘Perfect Memory’, and the dreamy title track ‘The World Outside’, the album placed The Fashion Focus firmly in the sights of the local new wave and shoegaze communities.

In May, The Fashion Focus returned with their new single ‘Ghosts’. The track delivered a stylish, confident blast of power, a post-punk electro punch subtly entwined with a shoegaze chorus. The stage is now set for The Fashion Focus’s new LP, which is due in late 2017, on Academy of Sound/The Manimal Label Group.